FOSECO ANKIROS 2016 Congress presentations are as listed below:

>> Iron Turbulence Analysis via Foundry Water Model II: Advanced Testing


The relationships between iron casting stream quality and pouring system (stopper rod, nozzle) condition are empirically known, but can now be more precisely characterized. Through the use of a specialized foundry water model coupled with a novel optical sensing system capable of analyzing stream turbulence, realistic iron pouring scenarios can be simulated. In Part II, additional insight was gained through a series of model upgrades allowing for critical testing of more variables with regard to stream turbulence. Previous experiments were also revisited to produce more statistically reliable results.

>> STELEX ZR ULTRA - A New Generation of Ceramic Foam Filters Providing Real Opportunities for Cleaner Steel Castings


There is a clear market need for a steel casting filtration system that provides a consistent performance in demanding applications together with a desire for enhanced filtration efficiency. The result is the development and introduction of an improved zirconia based ceramic foam filter to compliment the STELEX product range.

>> Aluminium low-pressure wheel production – end to end solutions


There has been huge growth in the production of Aluminium Road Wheels over the past decade with the great majority being manufactured by the low-pressure diecasting process. The quality requirements of these safety critical castings are as high as any Aluminium component made today and Foseco has developed a suite of products aimed at improving the quality of the castings produced while also improving the profitability of the process. This concept of an Integrated Solution Package for a particular casting and process will be further developed in the future.