Ferrous Foundry Highlights

One of the innovations is SEDEX ULTRA, Ceramic Foam Filters for Iron Casting.  

SEDEX ULTRA ceramic foam filters represent the latest development in the filtration of Ductile, Grey and Malleable Iron castings. Using a unique production process, the edges of the filter are closed on all 4 sides, resulting in improved edge definition. 

Key benefits of SEDEX ULTRA filters include:

  • Cleaner Castings and Reduced scrap:
  • - Use of finer filters to increase inclusion capture and improve flow modification      

    - More open structure allows casting pouring times to be Maintained  

  • I mproved Casting Yield:
  • - Filters can be downsized, reducing the weight of the gating system and improving casting yield

  • Consistent Flow Rates:
  • - More open pore structure ensures more consistent pouring times in many applications